Breath of the Compassionate

Movement Meditation


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Information, Workshops, Events

Educate (audience/participant capacity based on venue)

Engage with The Breath of the Compassionate Movement Meditation by observing a

performance of the movement, sound and video tessellations. Then interact with its’ creator Mary Chase Doll through reflection and discussion on the history, creation and

potential impact the work can have for your community.

Explore: Workshop (up to 24 participants)

Explore and enliven compassion through a workshop. Gain knowledge on the process

of creation, how it relates to the work of The Charter for Compassion and Karen

Armstrong’s book Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.  Learn and practice moving

this meditation with others.  The result of the workshop is merely an entry point into a

cycle; a cycle that seeks to cultivate compassion.

  (open to all: physical/movement accommodations available as needed)

  Enliven: Day 2 of a workshop weekend

The practice of the meditation with its’ creator Mary Chase Doll within a community of

movers is a wonderful way to dive more deeply into the work after a workshop. This

second day offers a sense of integration with how the sacred geometry inhales and

exhales with many movers in a space and how to take the practice out into the world.

This day may incorporate practicing in a variety of locations like parks, in the forest, on

the beach, in chapels/synagogues/sanctuaries/temples, community centers, or just

down the street...

Embrace: Practice in a Group

Workshop attendees may want to continue to meet on a regular basis. The

opportunity to create a Movement Meditation Group is an excellent way to grow in

relationship to others and to continue one’s commitment to develop compassion in their

lives.  Each community can continue to work together to meets their needs. A group

coordinator should contact Mary Chase Doll/Chasedance in order to discuss and

brainstorm how the work can continue to grow and serve the community.

Self Practice

The meditation stands alone and can be utilized as personal practice for the Mind, Body

and Spirit to enliven the richness and vibrance compassion can play in your life. 

Contact Chasedance in order to access the resources: Movement Cues, Mantras, and  

Videos for a home practice.



Movement Meditation, sometimes termed as Dynamic Meditation, turns movement into a conscious practice. Some people use the practice to express themselves and experience the present moment, while others set an intention to communicate or connect with nature or the divine

~ as paraphrased from the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

The 'Breath of the Compassionate', or 'al-nafas al-rahman' in Arabic, is an eight-point star design, significant to many cultures and religions. It has medieval roots and can be found in many religious iconographies. This sense of visual inhalation and exhalation is based around the teachings of Ibn al'Arabi, who named this universal principle of creation, joining the elements of fire, air, water, and earth. 

~as paraphrased from Michael Schneider and Keith Critchlow